czwartek, 30 listopada 2017

NEW miniature kettles :)

Miniature kettles in 1:12 scale, with removable lids, made by me special for the KDF Christmas Show (London, December 2nd).
See you in London!

niedziela, 26 listopada 2017

Miniature double oven - my SPECIAL item for KDF show

A miniature double oven gas range, piece by piece made by me in 1:12 scale, as a special item for Christmas Show (London, December 2nd).
It's my first range with working light inside both ovens AND red light on range display (like digital clock in real-size range).
The range is made from styrene and metal sheets, so it's quite heavy 
I hope you like it :)

środa, 22 listopada 2017

Ironing in miniature (1:12 scale)

My miniature set of ironing board &iron, with a mini laundry basket, made by Marion Russek, which is 3D printed and looks really awsome (you can find some of her minaitures here:
The mint folding ironing board is one of my special items and will be available only at the Kensington Dollhouse, next week (December 2nd)
See you in London!

wtorek, 14 listopada 2017

Smeg fridge in miniature (1:12 scale)

The miniature retro fridge in white color is finished and I will take it to Kensington Dollhouse Festival (December 2nd, London) 
It has:
- working lights
- door that swing open on metal hinges and stay tightly closed with magnetic latches
-some shelves inside
- pull out crisper
- openable freezer
-metal cover (so the fridge is quite heavy)
I hope you like it :)


środa, 8 listopada 2017

TWO wine coolers

Some photos of two miniature wine coolers with a little different doors - both made by me in 1:12 scale 
They are quite heavy  and have openable doors, working lights, metal covers and hinges, wooden pull out shelves and a set of 15 little bottles (also made by me)

wtorek, 7 listopada 2017

Kitchen accessories (1:12 scale)

Some of my miniature kitchen accessories which are now on the way to new homes in Spain, Germany and United States 
Click here to visit my Etsy shop:

sobota, 4 listopada 2017

Handmade wine cooler - 1:12 scale

Just finished! A miniature wine cooler, piece by piece made by me in 1:12 scale, to custom order.
It's quite heavy  and has openable door, working lights, metal cover and hinges, wooden pull out shelves and a set of 15 little bottles, also made by me.
I hope you like it :)

piątek, 3 listopada 2017

The article! / Jest artykuł!

The article in Polish edition of "Mollie makes" magazine, issue 24. About my miniatures and me  Thank you so much for publishing 
Artykuł w polskim czasopiśmie "Mollie potrafi", nr 24 (listopad/grudzień 2017). O moich miniaturach i o mnie  Bardzo dziękuję wydawnictwu, i oczywiście Pani Joannie, za publikację! 

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